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Re: Wrong gateway address in default squeeze setup ( should be


On Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Hi.  I just discovered that the default setup in Squeeze do not use
> the first IP address in its subnet as the gateway address.  This is a
> mistake I believe we need to fix.

well, we did this is on purpose. IIRC to have to do changes in less places and 
also to make upgrades easier.
> The new and extended backbone network went from to
> earlier this year, but the server and gateway adressess
> where not moved from to  I believe the gateway
> should change from to  It might be a good idea to
> move tjener from to too, but that is not equally
> important.

I think just moving the gateway makes things easier (and the assumption that 
the gateway is the first host in a network is indeed almost always right),
but then, it also feels like doing this move only half.

> Without this, a lot of third party packages will propose the wrong
> gateway address when configured to connect to the skolelinux backbone
> network.

what packages do you have in mind? So far we didnt notice anything like 

> This change will require some testing,

and changes to the documentation and translations too :(

> so I suggest we do it first
> thing after beta2 is released this weekend.

If we go with this suggestion, which I would like to discuss and think about a 
bit further first...

> As part of this fix, I
> plan to move the network configuration function from
> debian-edu-install to debian-edu-config, to get all the subnet related
> code in one package.

...I'm rather a lot against this change too. It's really not needed and has 
quite some potential of additional breakage.

Could you imagine not doing this part of the change?


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