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Re: diskless workstations / setup

Hi Nigel,

nice to hear from you in Japan, so I guess you are alright...

Am Mittwoch, 30. März 2011 schrieben Sie:
> If you connect a normal full workstation to eth1 of an ltspserver, it
> will get a 192 ip address, and you can still log in as ldap user,
> without it being a member of the workstations netgroup. I think this
> is pretty cool because it saves static ip addresses in the 10 range,
> and saves me putting mac addresses into tjener.
> I expect its not supposed to work like that, right?

Well, what kind of workstation do you use, or what services apart from
auth-thru-LDAP and web-proxy? Especially, I wonder if NFS mounts and
samba shares are available on this net?

This could save me some work, turning the 192.x net on the backbone,
as we have just one single fibre line between seperate buildings and
no vlan yet...

Kind regards

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