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diskless workstations / setup

Hi all,

I would like to bring up a topic that I already adressed to Klaus Ade off-list and that confuses me.

In the German lenny Skole manual:

there is a hint that diskless workstations can be fed from the first LTSP server with there boot envs. The diskless workstation will be located within the 10.0.2-network. That is also similar to the information Klaus Ade gave me.

My questions are:

 o does this not interfere with the PXE installer on tjener?
 o does the first LTSP server also have a dhcpd on the 10.0.2-NIC?
 o are diskless clients handled via MAC addresses? Possibly in GOsa?

I am not really clear about the diskless workstation concept for squeeze. My favourite would be:

  o provide a GRUB to the 192.168.X-network
  o allow boot as Thin Client or Diskless Workstation
  o maybe make this configurable via MAC address in GOsa

Any help and thoughts appreciated...



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