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Wanting to help the Debian-Edu project

I have subscribed to the debian-edu list, but I wanted to introduce myself and my situation, and find out where I can best help out the Debian Edu project.

I am interested in helping the Debian-Edu project in whatever way I can.  I am a teacher, currently teaching both English Literature and 20th Century World History at a bilingual school in southern Mexico.  I have recently been introduced to Linux and the Debian distribution in particular and I absolutely love what I have found.  I am working at a school which is in the early stages of building up its program and I am trying to help them set up a network, running on Debian, for use as a computer laboratory.  Because we have limited staff, I have volunteered to learn whatever sysadmin stuff needed to maintain the network.  The Debian Edu project seems like just the kind of thing I was looking to put on our machines.  I would also like to help the project out if I can.

I am a recreational programmer who is still in the process of learning.  I know some Python as well as the web-related HTML, CSS, and PHP, but I do not think I am good enough at coding at this point to help out on the developing side of the project, although I am willing to learn whatever languages necessary to help out in that area eventually.  Currently I may only be able to help in the website, documentation, and testing areas.  I am a native English speaker from the US as well as being a high school English teacher, so my English skills are excellent and I could help with anything related to English or proof-reading.  I also know a bit about website programming (HTML, CSS, some PHP), so I may also be able to help the website team.  I also have multiple machines and would volunteer some time to testing Debian-Edu for bugs or other issues.  If there are other ways in which I could be of help which I haven't thought of please let me know.

Please let me know what I can do to start helping the Debian Edu project.

...Michael Blum

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