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Re: Installation over Network works with new pakages form debian testing. (was Re: Bug#616014 : Updating the package to testing and it works!)


On Freitag, 4. März 2011, Holger Levsen wrote:
> we wait until this is fixed in squeeze proper. The package is completly
> broken there and has to be fixed.

from #debian-release:

<h01ger> hi. shall i file a bug against release.debian.org so that 616014 gets 
fixed in stable?
<adsb> h01ger: I'd been kinda assuming that someone from the d-i side would do 
that tbh :/
<h01ger> heh. maybe i'm just impatient :)
<adsb> h01ger: however, there's going to be a d-i rebuild for 6.0.1 anyway, so 
I assume there'll also be a d-i-n-images rebuild
<adsb> otavio: ^^
<otavio> adsb: hello
<h01ger> hi otavio 
<otavio> adsb: yes, we need d-i-n-images upload (not rebuild)
<otavio> adsb: it uses the version to gather the files
<otavio> h01ger: hello :-)
<adsb> otavio: okay, great (that it's on your list, not that we need to do it)
<adsb> otavio: so that would need to be after d-i itself has been uploaded on 
all arches?
<otavio> adsb: yes
<adsb> k
<h01ger> otavio, thanks for taking care of this!
<otavio> adsb: and yes, the major issue is that 616014 was my fault. I forgot 
asking for d-i-n-images to be unblocked 
<adsb> otavio: yeah, it's a shame no-one (from either side) spotted the issue 
earlier :s


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