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Re: Swedish

2010-12-10 15:08, Holger Levsen skrev:
Hi Frederik,

On Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010, Fredrik Andersson wrote:
Im a 29 year old guy who atm study to become a IT coordinator, so
basically spend all my time at the computer :)
Noticed we dont have a swedish part for translations or the website.
This is a really good project that i fell for, ability to introduce this
to schools and help them all save some money and they will get an
awesome out of the box experience.

So count me in for as many parts you like, as long as i have someone
that can mentor me trough the start.
Yay! Welcome to Debian Edu / Skolelinux!

It seems we missed each other on irc, I've said this and then you had a ping
timeout :-)

<h01ger>  friTTe|, do you known svn?
<h01ger>  the debian BTS?
<h01ger>  the PTS?
<h01ger>  first you should make sure that the debian-edu-install and
debian-edu-config packages have up2date translations to swedish
<h01ger>  then check the swedish language tasks in the debian-edu package
<h01ger>  and then, there is the manual to be translated, see

    Yeah =)
i did some translation on aptosid with kdesvn, will check this out during the weekend and make myself useful.

Im almost online all the time so we might bump in to eachother, can be nicew if i need some assistance

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