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Re: Swedish

Hi Frederik,

On Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010, Fredrik Andersson wrote:
> Im a 29 year old guy who atm study to become a IT coordinator, so
> basically spend all my time at the computer :)
> Noticed we dont have a swedish part for translations or the website.
> This is a really good project that i fell for, ability to introduce this
> to schools and help them all save some money and they will get an
> awesome out of the box experience.
> So count me in for as many parts you like, as long as i have someone
> that can mentor me trough the start.

Yay! Welcome to Debian Edu / Skolelinux!

It seems we missed each other on irc, I've said this and then you had a ping 
timeout :-)

<h01ger> friTTe|, do you known svn?
<h01ger> the debian BTS?
<h01ger> the PTS?
<h01ger> first you should make sure that the debian-edu-install and 
debian-edu-config packages have up2date translations to swedish
<h01ger> then check the swedish language tasks in the debian-edu package
<h01ger> and then, there is the manual to be translated, see 


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