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Re: More on the future LDAP admin gui in Debian Edu


as I am just back from Tokyo, I can not comment on all mails in this
thread where it is needed.

Klaus Knopper wrote:

> I believe that was the older CipUX version, but CipUX had been restarted
> from scratch since then, as far as Christian told me, and has a cleaner
> design right now, though less features than the old version.

>> Why not try to come in again?
> I'm eager to do this, but need help from the CipUX upstream developers
> plus one or the other Skolelinux packager in order to get things right.

I already offered my help in this thread.

As it was said earlier too, the work in the SVN of Skolelinux is
*integration* of CipUX.

Integration probably mean - as far as I understood this - add the
package names to a list (maintained in Skole-SVN), so that installer
will install them and add the Debian Edu specific configuration of
CipUX to the Skole-SVN at a correct location so that the config ends
up at the DVD. Not putting the hole CipUX source code in Skole-SVN.
Except for Debian-Edu configuration CipUX is full packaged for squeeze!

(I will skip the discussion of italc, catweasel and limbo here -
there are needed for RLP but not for CipUX. This should be discussed
when the trivial case "CipUX" is clear)

So there is no reason not to integrate CipUX.



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