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Re: shutdown-at-night

[Nigel Barker]
> Then I think I will give up on shutdown-at-night - I was hoping for
> one conffile on tjener.
> I already have a simple python script for shutting down
> ltspservers. I will expand it to include statics also.

Why do you need to customize it?  Please submit wishlist bugs to BTS
to ask for more or changed behaviour if you believe the current
behaviour is insufficient.

The package will try to turn of the machine every hour on the hour
from 16:00 in the afternoon, if I remember correctly, and not turn it
off if the machine seem to have users.  It will try to tell the bios
to turn on the machine around 07:00 in the morning, and the
main-server will try to turn turn on machines from 06:30 in the
morning using wake-on-lan packages.  I believe this behaviour should
be well suited in most environments, and thus am curious why you
believe it is not sufficient.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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