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Re: java applications on thinclients don't work smoothly


On 10.05.2010 18:15, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Am Freitag, 7. Mai 2010 schrieb Philipp Huebner:
>> So I can choose between a very slow diskless workstation with good
>> java performance, or a fast thinclient with very slow java
>> performance.
> Hi Philipp, 
> I can confirm that (some) Java apps are really slow via LTSP (and I 
> think they became slower with every upgrade).
> Could you check if the bottle neck is CPU, memory, or bandwidth?
It's neither of those. The diskless workstation does it where the
thinclient fails, the connection is gigabit ethernet. It's definetely
the remote vs. local thingy.

> Especially apps that use multiple threading in Java seem to launch too 
> many processes.
> Furthermore, Java uses its own widgets and hence all window elements are 
> transmitted as bitmap graphics (as opposed to other X widgets) - AFAIK.
> I wonder if there are tweaking parameters for the Java VM - or faster 
> alternative VMs to be used?

There is. I got a very useful hint on debian-java:

It works for me. Unfortunately I'm not very happy with the icedtea
plugin for iceweasel and prefer the sun-java6-plugin (yes, I know it's
non-free, but it works and performs better).

Anyway, I solved the problem by switching from ltsp to x2go. I'm not
done with all the details yet (mostly sound forwarding doesn't work
yet), but the java apps run remotely as smooth as locally.

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