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java applications on thinclients don't work smoothly


trying to get a certain HP ThinClient to work with Debian Edu, I found
out a problem about Java applications:

Running java apps like

on thinclients is a pain. It's so not performing at all,
dragging objections or having animations running is worse than slow motion.

It didn't matter which xserver I used - vesa, via, nv - they behaved all
the same.

Now the joke comes: using the thinclient as a diskless workstation makes
the java app run perfectly smooth, but because it's a real thinclient
and hence low on performance, the boot process took very long, apps took
very long to show up, and playing youtube didn't nearly work fluently.

So I can choose between a very slow diskless workstation with good java
performance, or a fast thinclient with very slow java performance.

Using xmdcp instead of ssh didn't make a difference.

Any ideas?
I thought of giving ltsp's localapps feature a try, but so far I have no
idea how it works. If the way of access is tc -> ltspserver -> tc, it
definetely won't help.

It would also be good to have others try the application above and
report how it's working.

I just posted to debian-java@l.d.o about this problem, but without the
thinclient-vs-disklessworkstations part.

I'm rather desperate by now - having tried almost everything I can think of.

LTSP localapps and x2go are the two things on my mind I haven't tested yet.

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