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Re: CipUX as LDAP frontend


On 28.04.2010 09:40, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Could you please elaborate a bit on this harsh complaint?

I can't remember it all, it was too much, and my brain has replaced it
with more useful information. Here is what I can remember:

- missing UTF-8 support:
basically only chars and numbers are allowed, and not even there
everything works. german schools want umlauts and stuff in their user

- if you list users, they're sorted by id (makes no sense to users)

- output on command line was with tabs and stuff, instead of newline
(hard to use in scripts, you need to run it through sed, tr or similar

- command line tool is pretty crappy anyway, `cipux_task_list` needs at
least one of ~260 arguments like (randomly picked):

See [1] if you don't already know it.

Example: to delete one user, you need to run
cipux_task_client -t cipux_task_destroy_student_account -o

Now, why is there "cipux_task_" twice? why are there different tasks to
delete students, teachers, whatever? It's all just a user, why do I have
to specify?

I could elaborate on this for ages.
This command line client is so horrible to use, it's as bad as having no
one at all (IMHO).

- you can't change user information like given name and surname after
the initial creation, which is rather stupid (except with an ugly
command only root can use). I'm sure everybody has heard of people
changing their names here and then ^^

- missing input validation (or it is in the wrong place):
a double click in the web interface makes your session crash and you're
on the login again

- strange security setup:
access to admin tasks is limited in the webinterface, not on the other
side of the xml-rpc thingy

- missing feedback on actions
you do something in the webinterface and have no idea if it worked

- class shares:
you delete a user, and it is still a member in the different kind of groups

We reported all kinds of problems, but the developer either sold it to
us as "it's not a bug, it's a feature" or as "you can write a simple
(shell) script around cipux to fix that yourself".

Critical questions were mostly ignored.

There's a new frontend being developed for CipUX, but I doubt it can fix
the flaws the ground design of CipUX has got.

And now, please don't make me discuss this topic further, CipUX is not
worth anymore of my time.


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