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Re: Multimedia part on Squeeze

Based on the thread so far, I have dropped sweep completely from the
music task, and reduced lingot to suggests.  I left solfege alone and
hope someone can fix the MIDI stuff or document how to use it. :)

I noticed this entry in the music task:

  Depends: lenmus
  Homepage: http://www.lenmus.org/
  License: GPL
  WNPP: 480510
  Responsible: Juan Manuel Garcia Molina <juanma@debian.org>
  Pkg-Description: music education software to learn music theory and language
   LenMus is a music education software that you can use to practice
   your music reading skills, improve your aural recognition abilities
   or just learn the fundamental principles of music theory and
   language. It allows you to focus on specific skills and exercises,
   on both theory and aural training. The different activities can be
   customized to meet your needs.  And provides interactive feedback
   until mastery of each concept is achieved. It will include a
   notation editor.

There has been no progress with the WNPP request since 2008, but the
lenmus package seemed nice.

If there are other packages in Debian we should add, please report it
as a wishlist bug against the education-music package or let us know
here. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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