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Multimedia part on Squeeze

Have installed squeeze now.
And tested out the multimedia part of it.
When it comes to the Rosegarden, it works out of the box again. But it
must be upgraded to 10.02.
I have done it without encountered any problems. So it should really
not be any problems to do that.

A number of multimedia applications that are installed and are not
necessary according to my experience.

These are:

Sweep can be removed, here we have the program audacity to take care
of such things
Solfege: this is just too unstable, I have found out.
Lingot, I think we could remove this. They who wish this, could
install this them self. Sortly this is a digital voices tuner, and
usually they are integratet in the digital guitar effeckt boxes.

They other programs:

Gtick is a bit unsure here, metronome can be useful.
Noteedit, this can be useful for some.
Hydrogen, a clear case that must be in place
scoore Reading trainer, is excellent.
Audacity, exellent

Regards Alf Tonny Bätz

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