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Re: Multimedia part on Squeeze

[Alf Tonny Bätz]
> Have installed squeeze now.
> And tested out the multimedia part of it.
> When it comes to the Rosegarden, it works out of the box again.


> But it must be upgraded to 10.02.  I have done it without
> encountered any problems. So it should really not be any problems to
> do that.

Why must it be upgraded to 10.02?  Arguments for this would be useful
when evaluating the current packages in Debian/testing.  I notice a
new version is requested in <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/573802>, so
hopefully the maintainer will get it upgraded soon.

> A number of multimedia applications that are installed and are not
> necessary according to my experience.
> These are:
> Sweep can be removed, here we have the program audacity to take care
> of such things

It also fail to work on thin clients, as it lack ALSA and Pulseaudio
support (only support OSS).  Will remove it soon unless someone

> Solfege: this is just too unstable, I have found out.

Is there any better replacements?  I tested it, and did not hear any
sound when testing it on Lenny.  What do you mean by unstable?
Crashing (mine did not crash) or something else?

> Lingot, I think we could remove this. They who wish this, could
> install this them self. Sortly this is a digital voices tuner, and
> usually they are integratet in the digital guitar effeckt boxes.

I do not understand this argument.  What are "digital guitar effeckt
boxes"?  Do we have such packages already installed?  Or do you mean
that a voice tuner is low priority and can be dropped because very few
need it?

> They other programs:
> Gtick is a bit unsure here, metronome can be useful.

Gtick do not work on thin clients either, and should be ported to ALSA
and Pulseaudio.  Not aware of any alternatives.

> Noteedit, this can be useful for some.
> Hydrogen, a clear case that must be in place
> scoore Reading trainer, is excellent.
> Audacity, exellent

Good. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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