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Re: kickerrc

Petter Reinholdtsen skrev:
[Joakim Seeberg]
No, that wont work you have to edit
$users/.kde/share/config/kickerrc.  Easy enough with a script, but
difficult for teacher admins.

We are talking about two different things here.  I am aware that
editing in /etc/skel/ will only affect new users, and was talking
about new users.  You are on the other hand talk about existing users.

When moving kickerrc to kde profiles you only make the change for every profile and you can even use kiosktool which is very teacher friendly :-)

Did you actually test this?  I tried, and it did not work when I did.
This is why I ended up adding this file to every new users profile
using /etc/skel/.

To me it seems it works out of the boks on both debian and debian-edu becouse all I did was remove kickerrc from skel and from the users directory. Start up kiosktool do my edits and moved the profile to a safe place. Since your asking I have tested some more and yes I can remove and add as much as I like.


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