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Re: kickerrc

[Joakim Seeberg]
> No, that wont work you have to edit
> $users/.kde/share/config/kickerrc.  Easy enough with a script, but
> difficult for teacher admins.

We are talking about two different things here.  I am aware that
editing in /etc/skel/ will only affect new users, and was talking
about new users.  You are on the other hand talk about existing users.

> When moving kickerrc to kde profiles you only make the change for every 
> profile and you can even use kiosktool which is very teacher friendly :-)

Did you actually test this?  I tried, and it did not work when I did.
This is why I ended up adding this file to every new users profile
using /etc/skel/.

> My point is that using kiosktool you can easily make changes to the
> desktop for all users or groups of users when it comes to menu,
> background, themes and more but not the panel because kickerrc
> created by skel has a higher priority than kickerrc in the kde
> profiles.

And my point is that I was unable to find a way that worked by
specifying a global setting for all users, and thus believe using the
file in /etc/skel/ is the only way to get the mediaapplet added to
every new users desktop.

> I see this as a missing feature in Debian-edu (a small one :-) )
> compared to Debian and there is no reason for this when moving your
> debian-edu specific kickerrc to kde profiles works just great.

Unless you have tested and found a way to get this working, I believe
Debian is equally broken as Debian Edu when it comes to adding extra
applets to the kde panel for all users.

Do you have a tested and working patch for the debian-edu-config
package to implemnt your proposal?  I would love to get rid of the
file in /etc/skel/, as long as the media applet still start for all

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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