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[Bug 1450] no login on diskless clients in 192-net


--- Comment #9 from Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>  2010-03-25 09:26:28 ---
your input. We only want to run fetch-ldap-cert in runlevel 3
> because thin clients do not need it, right?
> If I understand things correctly, this should be achieved by modifying
> ltsp-make-client:

Yes.  This should work, but do not provide the security the certificate is
supposed to provide.

The prefered way would be to get ltsp-make-client to download
the certificate during installation and put it in place to avoid having to
download it every time a diskless workstation boot.  Your fix is correct
to fix the fallback, but not sufficient to secure the LDAP connections.

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