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Re: the short road from rc1 to rc2 to lenny

The cronogram is good!
I will test the RC1 when I could get download it,
and I will give feedback.

2010/1/22 Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>

I didnt want to add the word "hopefully" to the subject and below are my ideas
only. Discussion, suggestions for improvements, general feedback very
welcome. And testing, testing, testing and more testing too!!

So hopefully rc1 will be released today. Yay! (I'm offline since 2h and will
probably just send this mail when I go online again, so I dont know the exact
current status. But unless a real blocker is found today, we will release rc1

So my ideas are the following:

- from now on only let the following changes into lenny (and thus lenny-test):
 - translation updates
 - documentation updates (via the d-e-doc package)
 - straightforward bugfixes and really trivial enhancements
       (but no new features)
 - bugfixes for prio 2
 - that's it. I plan to revert other changes, as we need lenny-test to be a
   staging area for lenny.
- use the next seven days for testing rc1 and work on the above.
- call for translation updates for d-e-install today with a deadline of 5
- release rc2 next friday or saturday (29/30th of January)
- rc2 should be identical (unless real blockers are found, obviously) to the
final^wfirst release of Debian Edu lenny, except:
 - bugfixes for prio 1 (prio 2 bugs will need to wait for the first
pointrelease from now on)
 - translation updates to d-e-install
 - upload of d-e on monday, February 1st (to give the buildds two days)
 - reuploads of the rest of our core packages (d-e-i, d-e-c, d-e-d) on
tuesday, February 2nd, with versions without ~svn in them
- build final images on wednesday, February 3rd and copy them away.
- use thursday-sunday to do final testing and work on PR, polish the website.
- announce Debian Edu lenny on monday, February 8th.
- party!!!

After that, we should immediatly^wrelax a bit and start with squeeze-test,
while still working on a point-release in march.

Sounds good? (Or do you think we should release sooner?) Sounds doable? Can
you help make this reality?


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