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Re: the short road from rc1 to rc2 to lenny

[Holger Levsen]
> So hopefully rc1 will be released today. Yay! (I'm offline since 2h
> and will probably just send this mail when I go online again, so I
> dont know the exact current status. But unless a real blocker is
> found today, we will release rc1 today.)

No blocker found, rc1 is out.  Very good. :)

> So my ideas are the following:
> - from now on only let the following changes into lenny (and thus lenny-test):
>   - translation updates
>   - documentation updates (via the d-e-doc package)
>   - straightforward bugfixes and really trivial enhancements 
> 	(but no new features)

Depending on how you separate new features from really trivial
enhancements, I agree.  I've already implemented and commited a change
to set the default Iceweasel home page to http://www/ or
http://www.skolelinux.org/, and believe that is a new feature but also
a trivial enhancement.

There is also one feature I would like to implement, if I figure out
how I want it to work quickly.  The new proxy configuration stuff
using the WPAD file should really update the host proxy configuration
if/when the wpad file changes.  I am not sure if it should happen
during boot, regularly from cron, using a ifupdown hook or what, but
if a sysadmin want to specify in the site wpad file that some
different proxy should be used, this should take effect on the clients
out of the box.  I would consider this a trivial enhancement, as it
involves calling this in the correct location:


but I have not yet been able to decide where it make most sense to
call this program.  I suspect a new init.d script for boot time
configuration might be the best option, but am not quite sure.

I also suspect the Nagios autoconfiguration stuff need some tuning, as
people get more experience with the current warning limits and provide
feedback on more sensible limits (the current ones were mostly copied
from the old Nagios configuration).

On the other hand, we do not need to delay the release for the wpad
and Nagios features, so I guess we can include them if they are ready
and release anyway if they are not.

> - build final images on wednesday, February 3rd and copy them away.
> - use thursday-sunday to do final testing and work on PR, polish the website.
> - announce Debian Edu lenny on monday, February 8th.

I believe the announcement and PR part need more work, as we really
should put some effort in writing press releases, talk to journalists,
prepare videos documenting new feature, update the documentation to
explain how to use the new features etc.  This is both to make sure we
get as much press coverage as possible to make schools aware of the
new version, but also to make sure the schools that do test the new
version are not disappointed when they get confused and are unable to
figure out how to do what they want to do.

> Sounds good? (Or do you think we should release sooner?) Sounds
> doable? Can you help make this reality?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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