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Re: Change password in Samba and ldap

Onsdag 6. mai 2009 20:48, skrev Philipp Huebner:
> The point is, if users change their password on workstations /
> thinclients using passwd, it only chages the unix password, not the
> samba password.
> So if a student changes his password using 'passwd' on a terminal, he
> still needs his old password for a Windows Machine joined in the
> skolelinux domain.
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> Philipp Hübner

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Which is exactly why the student should use the shorcut on their 
Desktop, which should point to something like 
https://ldap/lwat/chguserpw.php?username=$(id -un), on windows they 
have to manually put in their username. 

Using lwat to change their password, ensures that linux(userPassword) 
and samba(sabmaNTPassword and smbaLMPassword) passwords are the same.

passwd only changes linux(userPassword), I have never looked into why 
that is, and fixing it would still mean that the users would have to 
use a different way to change passwords from within windows, better to 
use lwat, that works from everywhere.
Klaus Ade
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