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RE: Change password in Samba and ldap

Roland Wolters wrote:
> Hi list,
> I do wonder how to change the password in samba as well as ldap at
> the same time - best as a normal user.
> The ldap part is clear - kdepasswd comes to my mind which is even user
> friendly. However, this doesn't change the samba password. For that I
> could use sambapasswd, as long as the smb.conf has the option:
> unix password sync = no
> However, that still requires the user to do two steps to keep the
> passwords synced, which is indeed kind of embarrassing. Also, I'm not
> sure if it is ok for the daily work to keep the above mentioned
> option set to 'no' instead of the default 'yes'.
> Any experiences or ideas on that?

On Skolelinux system?
Have you tried lwat? (https://www/lwat)
Or have I missed the point?

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