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Re: Switch to iceweasel as the default browser?

Am Samstag 26 Juli 2008 schrieb Klaus Ade Johnstad:
> Then by just updating x-www-browser I can have kde using that browser
> for all applications and actions.

Dear Klaus, dear Petter,

most people wouldn't associate "Iceweasel" with a Web browser (as 
opposed to Firefox), but this is yet another story.

I think we agree, that konqueror is still needed as file browser. This 
way, advanced users can still replace /skole/tjener/home0/user by 
http://debian.org - it's a hard decision to me. Locally (at home) I 
keep using both browsers. At school, an increasing amount of users use 
Opera instead...

Just some cerebral splinters from me,

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