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Good Moning. County-singles.com

Good Moning. Do not be  surprised to receive my leter please. I wrote down yours email on a site of acquaintances. Countysingles or Freedating. I have decided to write you a letter. I hope that you will answer my letter. I want to get acquainted with you. I will arrive to the United Kingdom soon. In 1 weeks. And I search a new friend in the United Kingdom. And possible  morre.  A beloved man. I am a lonely woman. And I look for for a beloved man. Probably you search for love either. 
I am a Russian woman. I live in Russia in Sankt-Petersburg. It is a very beautiful city. There are many sights to see. Do you know the city of Sankt-Petersburg?

My girlfriend suggested me to arrive to the UK when I want. I have visa. I can come to England at any time. My girlfriend will give me money for my trip to England. My girlfriend has found an English man. She left for England 2 year ago. She is happy with English man. They live together. Her husband is engaged in computer safety. My girlfriend explained  me that I shouldn't worry about money. She can provide all. Also my girlfriend can help to stay me in the UK. If i want. And if I  find a good man.
I shall be pleased to arrive to the UK. Probably we can become close friends. Everything is posible. And I can stay with you forever. No games. Please, only serious relations. I shall write you all in detail in the following letter. I shall send you some pics of mine. I shall write you more about myself. 
I have written this letter to you from the general e-mail in the Internet-cafe. Write you response on my personal e-mail:


I will wait for your answerr. Your letter will make me happy woman.
Yours Elena

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