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Testing md5sums corrupted?

Hi all,
I'm trying to install the testing version of skolelinux.

I got the command from: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Download?action="">

It says to use the command:

rsync -vv 
ftp.skolelinux.no::cd-etch-test-dvd/debian-edu-amd64-i386-powerpc-DVD-1.iso debian-edu-DVD-1.iso

which is wrong (refers to etch and not to lenny) so I used

rsync -vv ftp.skolelinux.no::cd-lenny-test-dvd/debian-edu-amd64-i386-powerpc-DVD-1.iso debian-edu-DVD-1.iso

and this create an iso image called
debian-edu-DVD-1.iso but in the MD5SUMS file I see:

5249e386ab41fadc662d62c89ebb5b36  debian-edu40alpha-amd64-i386-powerpc-DVD-1.iso
(what is edu40alpha?)

Obviously the md5sum --check MD5SUMS fails but the iso md5sum is equal to the one contained in the MD5SUMS file. So I suppose the image is correct.

But trying to install, it works fine until I select the debianedu profiles (server+workstation) than it fails saying:

Unable to state release codename (I'm installing in italian so the effective message is "Impossibile stabilire il codename relativo alla release")

What can I do?



Busico Mirto Silvio
Consulente ICT
cell. 333 4562651
email m.busico@ieee.org

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