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Re: New XOLiveCD 080321

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On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 03:52:33PM +0100, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
>El jue, 27-03-2008 a las 21:43 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:

>> It is a LiveCD.  I don't think a LiveCD integrates well with LTSP.
>Sure, I was thinking of doing a image to be loaded by nbd in an ltsp

Oh, ok.  I never tried such tricks...

>> The GUI part of the XO system is Sugar.
>> Core Sugar packages is in Debian Sid but broken due to bug#472103. 
>Shit, that's the kind of bug a maintainer never wants to have: depends 
>on other packages but your package "should" avoid it and you can not do 
>it without digging a lot in upstream code :-(

Took me some time to interpret your sentence above, but indicates that 
you actually understood it:  Indeed it is ugly!

>> Unofficial working packages is available through APT using one of the 
>> following (for amd64 and i386):
>>    deb http://debian.jones.dk sid sugar
>>    deb http://debian.jones.dk lenny sugar
>> I have not tested Sugar with LTSP but it works fine with the alternative 
>> (and now abandoned) lessdisks.
>> With "core" I mean that the infrastructure to navigate between "Home", 
>> "Friends" and "Neighbourhood" is there, but very few activities is 
>> packaged yet.
>> If you want to try out more avtivities, backports/sideports of an 
>> earlier packaging effort for Ubuntu made by Jani Monoses is available 
>> here:
>>    deb http://debian.jones.dk sid sugar-old
>>    deb http://debian.jones.dk lenny sugar-old
>> Beware that if you mix sugar and sugar-old (you can just list them both 
>> on a single APT line), some of the old packages will override the newer 
>> ones due to different versioning of those packages.
>I prefer to avoid this, I don't have any ubuntu installation and I don't
>trust in their Debian compatibility.

All of the above is packaged against Debian, not Ubuntu.

The relation to Ubuntu is that sugar-old was originally packaged for 
(some release - I don't keep track of their codenames - of) Ubuntu, but 
as served above it was rebuilt in clean Debian chroots (using pbuilder).

>> Help packaging Sugar activities is much wanted.  If interested then 
>> please subscribe and raise your voice over at the mailinglist 
>> debian-olpc-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org [1]. :-)
>I'd love helping you in this task, but first I have to end about one 
>hundred of pending tasks... Anyway I'm subscribing to the mailing list 
>to be in "listener mode" by now. If you are ever in an urgent and total 
>need, shout and I'll park some of my tasks for a while ;-)

Thanks for the offer.  I am aware that you are quite busy - this last 
comment was aimed more generally at this list. :-)

...and apropos: Please don't cc me privately - I am subscribed to the 
list. :-)

Looking forward to meet you in person next weekend!


 - Jonas

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