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Re: Still interested in the daisyplayer project?

[André Lindhjem]
> I haven't really been very much involved in the XML parsing bit of
> libdaisy. I'll have to spend some time and look at how the parsing
> is done. As I understood the ones who did the parsers, daisy books
> are much like webpages - very few follow the
> standards. Unfortunately (I think) the parsers might be a bit
> fragile if a book break the standard.

Yeah.  I suspect it might be useful to handle also those books that
are a bit soft when it come to standards. :/

At the very least, the applications should report exactly what is
wrong with a book if it does not follow the specification. :)

How many books did the project use to verify that the player work?

I've done some more cleaning in the source, to make sure both 'make
destcheck' and 'debuild' work properly.  You still need to figure out
the proper shared library versioning.  What are the plans for API and
ABI stability?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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