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Re: Still interested in the daisyplayer project?

[André Lindhjem]
> Hi Petter!


> I've had quite limited spare time this last year+, and not the best
> concience when it comes to libdaisy. I am still very interested in
> the project, and I will plan to spend more time on it in the future.

Great to hear.
> Great!
> I have been trying to update the build system for quite some time.
> I've set up a new project and imported the libdaisy files
> (code/libdaisy2).

Right.  Seem to me like it is ready to be merged into the old version.
It builds for me.  This make me believe it is OK to commit this new
build system into code/libdaisy/ and drop the code/libdaisy2/ directory.

> This builds and plays fine on my computer. It is probably better and
> more portable than our old handcrafted makefiles. I also hope this
> is a better base for creating debian-packages. Please give it a try.

It is definitely easier to handle for packaging.  Note that you have
commited one generated file (src/snprintf/Makefile), and some cache
files (autom4te.cache/*), as well as some symlinks that should be
replaced with real files.

I recommend you run these commands before commiting the changes.  It
will clean up these issues.

  svn rm src/snprintf/Makefile autom4te.cache
  rm config.guess config.sub COPYING depcomp INSTALL install-sh ltmain.sh missing
  automake -a -c
> I've spent some time reading up on linux development, and I'm
> pondering on some ideas for simplifying and restructuring libdaisy
> in the future.

Very good.  Note that I fixed a few things in libdaisy/, so I believe
it is the best base for future development.

I tried to play
only to discover that libdaisy only handle XML files, and not the HTML
files included in ToLove.tar.bz2.  Is this intentional?  I managed to
get the player limping along with this book after editing the .html
and .htm files to make their format more close to valid XML.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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