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Re: (N)X2Go - LowBandwith sessions for takeaway incl. sound

Hola Heinz-M. Graesing!

El 03/03/2008 a las 07:04 escribiste:
> x2go != NX

> yes, x2go uses nxcomp, nxproxy and nxagent (modified -> x2goagent), so there is
> an (small) amount of X-Code in the nx libraries. It is needed for the protocol,
> and we have no idea how to solve the problem without this code. If there are
> any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

It would be nice have nxcomp, nxproxy and nxagent as distribution packages (for
Debian and others). For this to happen, they need to compile against the
current xorg libraries in the Debian archive, they should not include source
from other projects, and try to be "sane" (for some values of "saneness").

As I see it, x2go developers have tamed most of nx, is there any chance you
could try to work on this area?

"recursividad 95, 154, 156, 201, 224, 293" 
	-- El Lenguaje de Programacion C, pag. 293 (Kernighan & Ritchie)
Saludos /\/\ /\ >< `/

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