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RE: keyboard dies on login screen

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>  Are you sure you need all of these:
>>      X_MOUSE_PROTOCOL   = "PS/2"
>>      X_MOUSE_DEVICE     = "/dev/psaux"
>>      X_MOUSE_RESOLUTION = 400
>>      X_MOUSE_BUTTONS    = 3

That's  the config I have in Centos and it works there but
no, I'm not sure

> Where did you get the example ldm?  It seem obsolete?

#check /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/doc/ltsp-client/examples/lts.conf for a better example lts.conf file

>  Is it only the keyboard that stops working? Does the mouse work? Can you
>  ping the client?

Yes, the mouse worked and I could ping the client

Aparently the fault was due to the startx thing, upon removing
the line, the client loaded a different login screen...... why?

this is the final thing

        SERVER =
        USE_XFS            = N
        X_MODE_0           = 800x600

        NBD_SWAP = Y
        SOUND = n
        LOCALDEV = n
        USE_NFS_SWAP       = Y
        SWAPFILE_SIZE      = 32m

Aparently, without the SERVER tag the client starts but some
times it loads the login screen and some it doesn't

tanks for your help

PD: I'm writting this from the client  :)
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