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Re: keyboard dies on login screen

[Ismael Farfán Estrada]
> Hi list,
> I'm setting up the server with skolelinux but I have a
> weird problem here: as soon as the login screen apears
> the keyboard stop working, it work during the startup
> process but and then dies.

This sounds vaguely like a problem we had with some thin client, a
long time ago.  It was related to the use of mouse setup.  Are you
sure you need all of these:

> 	X_MOUSE_DEVICE     = "/dev/psaux"

With Debian Edu 3.0, autodetection should work most of the time, also
for the mouse.

> 	MODULE_01          = "sb irq=10 io=0x300"   #what is this for?

Where did you get the example ldm?  It seem obsolete?  The 'sb' module
is the soundblaster module, if I am not mistaken.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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