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Re: Should tasksel be installable on all archs?

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> [Otavio Salvador]
>> While it makes more sense to not have a useless package installed on
>> every installation.
> It could be argued that it is not useless, as it make s390 consistent
> with the other debian architectures, and thus make it easier for those
> writing scripts using laptop-detect. :)
>> We could drop laptop-detect for those other arches too and make it
>> logical for everyone.
> Not sure it is more logical to have to handle s390 specially, instead
> of just depending on laptop-detect and leave it to that package to
> know if the architecture got laptops or not.

I think that there're quite a few arches without laptops and it allows
us to solve it not only for s390 but for all those involved arches.

I think that we could drop it for:

 - ia64
 - hppa
 - sparc
 - s390
 - others?

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