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new versioning policy


http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/ArchivePolicy currently says:

6. The version number for the packages debian-edu, debian-edu-config and 
debian-edu-install should be of the form 0.415.0.edu.etch.1+svn38891 when 
uploading to the debian-edu repository, and on the form 0.415 when uploading 
to the debian repository.

As we now have the new dak version running, I suggest we change this, to make 
use of the ~ in versions. To summarize this:

<vagrantc> ~ just means "a little before" 
<vagrantc> so -3~* will always be smaller than -3

So I suggest to rewrite it to:

6. The version number for the packages uploaded to debian-edu should always be 
lower than the version in Debian (if the source packages content is identical 
except for the changelog). This should be achieved by using ~ in version 
numbers, adding ~edu.etch+1 for uploads to etch and ~edu.lenny+1 for uploads 
to lenny.

As ~ can be used more than once, svn versions should be written as 
0.415~svn38891-1 (for debian) and 0.415~svn38891-1~edu.lenny+1 (for 
debian-edu lenny).



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