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Dear Valerio,

as there are more eyes reading d-e mailinglist, I dare move this thread 
over there.

Am Donnerstag 22 November 2007 schrieben Sie:
> 2007/11/13, RalfGesellensetter <Ralf.Gesellensetter@web.de>:
> > Dear Valerio,
> > I didn't try out italc 1.x because unmet dependencies.
> I used the repository
>   deb http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~doto/italc/debian etch main
> and synaptic didn't complain about dependences.
> How did you installed it?

I used some packages built by winnie.
> Anyway, I tought to eliminate the variant of thinclient and try to
> use ITALC at it should:
> ON THE SERVER (debian-edu)
> 1-stoped ica (because initialized by the script).
> 2-i started the client ica on a konsole without arguments, so the
> script for the thinclient is not used.
>   ica &
> -(the master is just installed from before and the keys are
> generated). Now the client is listening on the vnc default port:
> 5900.

Okay, sounds well.

> I checked it with nmap.
> ON A COMPUTER CLIENT (mepis 7.0 based on debian-etch)

Oops - interesting...

> 1-I installed only the client with the same repository.
> 2-I copied the public keys folder from the server (debian-edu) to the
> client (mepis) using a usb memory. I checked the permitions of the
> folder and they were ok (755).

Sounds okay to me - you put the keys to /etc/...?
Was there a green dot on the client desktop?
> Theorically it should work now.
> I opened italc master, added the new computer using the IP and
> without specify the port (default is used).
> Italc open the small window miniature with the message "no user
> logged in". Also chainging port on the computer configuration (on
> italc) the same message is shown. If I use another IP then the
> message says "no computer found".

Okay, I had this behaviour, too, when I start the master application too 
early. Also it takes some seconds for the clients to be displayed. If 
you lock all known clients (locker icon), watch if your client gets a 
black screen...

> It's behaving like with the thinclient.
> That suggest me both procedure are correct but there must be a small
> mistake or a problem in the italc package provided by the repository.

The easiest setup should be to run master and client on the same machine 
(LTSP). Just make sure that you are not watching yourself!
> Can anyone try simple to test italc on two computers?
> Here are the installation instuctions:
> http://italc.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=Download:Debian
> Once I/we know it's working, it shold be more easy make it work with
> thinclients too.
> Thank you all.

Thanks for the deb sources - we will try out soon - maybe during the 
next Skolelinux Weekend, starting tomorrow in Guetersloh.


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