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Re: debian-edu + edubuntu?

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, RalfGesellensetter wrote:

P.S.: As for the edUbuntu question: I can understand any criticism -
and, yes, there is a lot of work done twice. But in the end, *buntu
sells (not only on DELLs) - and we should not "salt" our criticism with

Well, that's why I wrote I do nothing say against rebranding.  Working
on a better Debian-Edu und selling it as Edubuntu (with a nicer background
and great cover on CD) might work perfectly for advertising issues).
The tendency to do some things better but others worse (which is my
impression from Edubuntu) is not really clever and it will finally just
lead to splitted forces.

Very ambivalent topic - no consent in sight. In a talk held by
Oliver Grawert on Edubuntu during LinuxTag 2006, Oliver (major
developer of Edubuntu) started refering to Skolelinux as the "S-Class"
of school servers). So, they are still "after us". As we have an
agreement of cooperation, we should be able to settle down apt
interfaces. And some of "our" applications (e.g. Stopmotion) should
consider to reference "Skolelinux" directly within their info dialogue.

Well I do not care so much about info dialogues because this only
_seems_ to honor the original project (but what is the final outcome
of this kind of advertising?).  What really matters is that
schools will not be confused by several competing distros and have
to decide between things that are just different in some aspects
(at least according to hear-say or DVD covers) while we miss the
chance to get a really great product combining the advantages of
the different things by joining forces.  Sometimes I wonder whether
proprietary software is more successful because they have strong
means to join forces around their products.

This is no rant against Edubuntu.  I would rather like to start
them thinking about effective ways of cooperation in their very
own interest, but perhaps I missed something.

Kind regards



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