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Re: wirless thin clients with TCOS

Am Mittwoch 14 November 2007 schrieb mariodebian:
> 1.- A teacher control panel (one year ago Thin Client Manager don't
> exists) and other apps (iTALC) runs over VNC (slow performance)

Hi Mario,

thank you for TCOS. As a teacher, I like italc. 
Mostly I use it to switch off all monitors in a row.

Nigel mentioned its ability to boot LTSP over Wifi / wireless lan.
This was to my knowledge only possible for Linux BIOSes.

But maybe you use a locally booted mini-system like IGEL's?

Anyway, you must get in contact with X2GO, a similar project that adds
SUN Ray functionality (move your session as is from one to another 
client - instead of a card you take a special USB stick).

Kind regards

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