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Re: old documentation on wiki.debian.org


On Friday 09 November 2007 15:49, Valerio Pachera wrote:
> 1-wich is the official documentations container? Is it
> "wiki.skolelinux.no/" or "wiki.debian.org/". I mean documentation for
> debian-edu users.

don't you read my mails or don't you believe me? Or don't you understand 
them? :)

wiki.debian.org is our developer wiki. sometimes, end user documentation ends 
up here too.

wiki.skolelinux.no/DebianEdu/documentation/etch has been hijacked (=is used) 
because wiki.debian.org lacks some features currently.

wiki.skolelinux.no/DebianEdu/documentation/etch is where the official etch 
documentation is developed. Translated html and pdf versions of it are 
included in the debian-edu-doc package.

	Holger, who wonders why he explained this yesterday

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