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Re: old documentation on wiki.debian.org

Fredag 9. november 2007, skrev Valerio Pachera:
> 1-wich is the official documentations container? Is it
> "wiki.skolelinux.no/" or "wiki.debian.org/". I mean documentation for
> debian-edu users.

There are several reasons for having different places to store 
documentation. The most important is that different kinds of 
contributors has different needs. I'll give an overview about the 
presentation web[1], the system admin documentation[2] and developer 
documentation[3]. Of course, some of the naming are not logical. This 
is mostly for historical or technical reasons. 

Presentation web: If you want a short introduction to Skolelinux, to 
download, or some help getting started, the presentation web[1] is the 
place to start. The presentation web does exactly what it's expected, 
says system maintainers and teachers. 

1. A presentation web for marketing purposes is here: 

System admin documentation: System admins really need good 
documentation[2] when setting up and maintaining small or huge 
centralised Skolelinux installations. The reason for making a localised 
wiki, was that we need localised system admin documentation. Most 
people in the world don't speak English. They prefer their native 
language. This also counts for different local Skolelinux developer 
groups, which uses wiki.skolelinux.de for German contributors, 
wiki.skolelinux.fr for French, and wiki.skolelinux.no for Norwegians 
and so one. 

2. The English documentation for Debian Edu/Skolelinux administrators 
are put here: 

Developer documentation[3]. Last we needed a more flexible techbase for 
Debian Edu/Skolelinux. For years we published documentation in old 
school html pages, doing html markups our selves. When we changed to a 
wiki, the documentation effort really increased and improved. A lot of 
persons not fluent in html markup were able to contribute. I'll say 
that having developer documentations, meeting summits in a wiki is one 
of the most successfull things we have done lately. 

3. Developer documentations, meeting summaries and guides are collected 

A note when it comes to the English system admin documentation[2] at 
wiki.skolelinux.no. As Holger points out, we got more features in a 
more updated MoinMoin wiki engine usable, e.g converting wiki-pages to 
pdf and so one. We need to distribute Skolelinux system documentation 
on different medias because teachers don't always have Internet 
connection when installing Skolelilnux. Thats why we don't uses the 
wiki.debian.org for system admin and user documentation. 

> 2-is it possible to edita www.skolelinux.org/en ? If yes, how? It's
> not a wiki and seems not even a cms. I'm capable to edit xhtml but I
> don't know if is what you whant.

Yes it is. The presentation web is the only place where a limited team 
gives partially access. This breaks the principle on how Skolelinux is 
governed, but it seems to work. The presentation web is handled by  
Lars Risan < lars risan AT tik uio no and > and  
Anders Kringstad Hanssen < akai AT skolelinux no >. They'll give you the 
necessary access. Please contact Lars and Anders!

Best regards

Knut Yrvin

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