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Re: roadmap editing

Hi Finn, thanks for your reply.

Am Freitag 26 Oktober 2007 schrieben Sie:
> Yes, for now you need to add the machine using lwat, or some otherway
> (I usually prepare the machines from the command-line, using
>  ldapsearch | some loop | ldapadd
> But that's me.

Okay, I suppose from within lwat you use a similiar technique in PHP.
> for a later version of lwat, it's planed to implement another way of
> adding multiple hosts, see http://bzz.no/lwat/trac/trac.cgi/ticket/10

Well, maybe this can be merged with adding machines to netgroups, some 
> > And what kind of machine name would that be? Is it still the case
> > that I need to define hostnames locally on the machine - or do XP
> > clients obey name rules given to the dhcpd server? Does case
> > matter?
> Give them the same name as you give them in XP. I think he named his
> host "myws" or something like that.

> >> I've experienced that even if one rewrite smb.conf to use the
> >> script smbaddclient.pl, things wont work. but I'm not sure why.
> >
> > Maybe we should ask Mr. Murray of MS: He was so affirmative towards
> > FOSS in BBC's "Codebreakers" documentary. *scnr*
> >
> >>>> it is important, to get R1 runing without problems with window
> >>>> workstations, that means a corrected and improved smb.conf
> >>
> >> He did not need to do no change at all in smb.conf.
> >
> > Maybe not as for joining clients, but some people suggest at least
> > one public share additional to H:\ (home). The easiest and wides
> > approach to follow such desires was to share /tmp (or /tmp/samba)
> > and make it a net drive "T:\". Other schools use r/o shares P:/ for
> > portable apps and other centrally installed programmes. Also
> > classwide shares are used in several settings. I doubt if we will
> > ever find one model matching any flavours - but it could be made
> > easier to have class homes.
> Yes, lets collect all driveletters that people use and add them all
> into our smb.conf :)

Well, as for the letters, they will be defined in logon.bat. Of course 
these were only samples, but maybe one can settle to a least 
denominator. Dirk Wenzel replied to a question regarding roaming 
profiles: Dummy XP users tend to cover their desktop with images and 
other large files - being synced with any login/off. Accordingly there 
is a good explanation at 
http://de4.samba.org/samba/docs/using_samba/ch04.html how to handle 
those profile directories and hide them from users.

> > Kind regards,
> > and as a conclusion: try to write at least 3 words with any wiki
> > edit.
> I guess I'll stop edit wikis then....

Well, maybe my first conclusion is too pretentious. How about this:
- try to write at least 3 words with any wiki edit that removes
  contributions of other people.
- *try* to write comments for major edits (non-trivial i.e.)

When fixing typos, I just write "typo", when creating a page, I 
comment "init". But after all, a Wiki has some things in common with a 
SVN/CVS and hence deserves some comments from its contributors.


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