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doc: Hardware Recomm.: CPU for LTSP etc.

Dear Holger,
dear list,

as our oldest Server (running as LTSP since 2003) happens to have ceased 
away, I start wondering what system could ever replace it.

In order to make the responses that I expect available to anybody, I'd 
need some instructions on where to place them (3 years ago I had hidden 
them within plone).

Some considerations from my side:
- Replacing the LTSP server (P4 2800 Dual Core) by an auxilary AMD64 
Athlon system, confirmed all recommendations to use at least 2 CPUs.
- Probably I won't get a replacement for the broken CPU - or it would be 
much cheaper to replace the Mainboard as well. 
- What multicore processors are recommendable with Debian Edu Etch LTSP?

What systems are rather economic in terms of power consumption?

What Bios options should (or should not) be used as for energy saving
(dyn. freq. etc.)?


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