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Re: roadmap editing

Hi Finn-Arne,

how are you?

Am Donnerstag 25 Oktober 2007 schrieb Finn-Arne Johansen:
> My apprentice had no problem adding a windows-machine to his little
> test-installation.

Thanks for sharing his agenda:

>  On the command-line:
>    smbpasswd -a root
>  In lwat:
>    Add a machine account for the machine to joined
>      (without any "$" in the account-name)
>    check the "Samba host" checkbox
>  On windows-workstation:
>    Join the machine the normal way, using the root account.

Just for clarification: Does it mean, that I have to do all of these 
three steps in a row? Any machine needs first to be added using lwat, 
only then I can join from the client (but I still need to follow that 
3rd step?).

And what kind of machine name would that be? Is it still the case that I 
need to define hostnames locally on the machine - or do XP clients obey 
name rules given to the dhcpd server? Does case matter?
> I've experienced that even if one rewrite smb.conf to use the script
> smbaddclient.pl, things wont work. but I'm not sure why.

Maybe we should ask Mr. Murray of MS: He was so affirmative towards FOSS 
in BBC's "Codebreakers" documentary. *scnr*
> >> it is important, to get R1 runing without problems with window
> >> workstations, that means a corrected and improved smb.conf
> He did not need to do no change at all in smb.conf.

Maybe not as for joining clients, but some people suggest at least one 
public share additional to H:\ (home). The easiest and wides approach 
to follow such desires was to share /tmp (or /tmp/samba) and make it a 
net drive "T:\". Other schools use r/o shares P:/ for portable apps and 
other centrally installed programmes. Also classwide shares are used in 
several settings. I doubt if we will ever find one model matching any 
flavours - but it could be made easier to have class homes.

Yet another point discussed was profiles (mandatory like KDE kiosk, 
invisible, not synced to local hard discs). Alas, I am quite bad in 
guessing as it comes to Redmond's opaque policies.

Kind regards,
and as a conclusion: try to write at least 3 words with any wiki edit.


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