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Re: via thin client pxe fails after upgrade

nigel barker wrote:

Ronny Aasen wrote:
Read all logs. no hints in there. ?
does it request an ip ? does it get it ?
if it does get one, does it request the pxelinux.0 file with tftp? does it get it ?

giving the full output of all that goes down before the hang would help troubleshoot.

Thanks Ronny
I discovered by accident that re-setting the CMOS will allow them to boot once or twice, then they go back to not working. They don't request an IP address (syslog on ltspserver). They behave as though disconnected. What other log should I be looking at?

i would lok at the log on the switch to see if tehy haev autonegotiation problems.

i had some 3com cards that acted that way. the solution was to firmware upgrade the card.. if you have a onboard nic you can perhaps try a bios upgrade on your motherboard ?


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