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Re: Inv: Skolelinux at FrosCon 2007 (Cologne)

Am Samstag 18 August 2007 11:09 schrieb Holger Levsen:
> These posters advertise Cipux as our administration tool, which is
> plain wrong. Please dont use that poster (one out of the six) at
> FrosCon!

Dear Holger,

additional to my longer mail in German (user at skolelinux de), 
I feel obliged to commtent on these posters which actually relate to 
Skolelinux 2.0 (based on Sarge). Let me quote the one about CipUX:

> CipUX betreut die Benutzer/-innen
> CipUX ermöglicht die einfache Administration der
> Nutzer/-innen eines Computernetzwerkes.

This is only saying, that CipUX "takes care" of users within a computer 
network. Being sociologist, Christian insists on rather taking care (or 
supervising) students than "administering" them.

> CipUX wurde ursprünglich im Rahmen eines privaten Projektes
> entwickelt und wird seit 2000 an der Fakultät Soziologie der Uni
> Bielefeld eingesetzt.

CipUX war originally developped within a private project, since 2000 it 
is used by the social science department at Bielefeld University.

> In Frankreich wird CipUX auf Skolelinux/Debian-Edu ebenfalls
> schon eingesetzt.

In France, CipUX is already used on top of Skolelinux/Debian-Edu.

This information is followed by a feature list (relating to an older 
version, 3.2.10, which is still usable if you install webmin manually).

The source is open to extend the given set of posters (OLPC could be yet 
another topic, LWAT should be another) and to translate them. It could 
also be wise to convert Openoffice 1.x files to OASIS formats - or even 
create TeX files.

BTW: The date of print is May 2006 (lower right corner), indicating that 
this information is out of date. Anybody helping with updating and 
printing posters is welcome.

With kind regards

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