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Re: sarge tjener and etch ltspserver

Am Sonntag 19 August 2007 12:19 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> You might run into problems with the users configurations if a user
> log into KDE on a 3.0 server and then try to log into a 2.0 server
> afterwards, as KDE is not believed to be 'forward compatible', and
> might be confiused by the configuration written by the newer kde
> version.

Very true (as for former observations). I already reported a bug against 
KDE to support educational environments (multi-user, multi-session, 

As for LTSP, I had the opportunity to check a "foreign" installation (a 
combined server brought in by a participant during our skolelinux 
testing meeting, last weekend, at Guetersloh):

LTSP 5 vs. LTSP 4: LTSP 5 lacks some script (or binary) that enables the 
usage of printers (LPT/parallel) that are connected to thin clients. I 
will deliver the name of that script later, if needed.

Also, LTSP 5 uses LDM; I didn't find a way to start a service like 
ivs/ica (italc-client) with any login, here, centralized (formerly, an 
entry in /etc/kde3/kdm/XStartup was sufficient).

GraphThing turned out a neat thing, I just installed it on my Sarge 
system ;)

Thanks & kind regards

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