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Re: sarge tjener and etch ltspserver

[Georg Damm]
> is it possible to run an etch (skolelinux 3.0) ltspserver with a
> sarge (skolelinux 2.0) main server? Has someone running this as a
> production enviroment?

It is supposed to work, at least.  The only protocols used between
them are DNS, LDAP and NFS, and neither of them should have changed in
a way that make them incompatible.  I am not aware of any school
reporting success with such setup yet, so please let us know if you
get it working.

You might run into problems with the users configurations if a user
log into KDE on a 3.0 server and then try to log into a 2.0 server
afterwards, as KDE is not believed to be 'forward compatible', and
might be confiused by the configuration written by the newer kde

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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