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Re: Bind Moodle to LDAP/Tjener/PAM

Am Sonntag 12 August 2007 17:56 schrieb Maximilian Wilhelm:
> What have you done regarding to LDAP?
> Configuration?
> Errors?

Hi Max,

thanks, I read your configuration and sticked to them as far as possible 
(regarding slightly different options layout).

There is no error message - and I didn't find any logs.
I just cannot login when I use LDAP mode.

I am quite content however with PAM mode, now, just that full name 
fields are not populated but have to be filled in by users manually. 

But when they state wrong data here, they will not be added to their 
course, so that's reason enough for them to be honest.

When I find some time, I will send a screenshot. I can also give you a 
co-admin account (or so), come to that soon. Maybe next weekend 
(Skolelinux working weekend at Guetersloh) I will find the time to get 
deeper in.


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