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Bind Moodle to LDAP/Tjener/PAM

Dear list,

I managed to setup Moodle 1.8.2, now I try to use our Skolelinux user 
base (in LDAP/on tjener) for Moodle as well. Moodle offers several 
modes here, I installed and tested these:
- ldap
- pam
- imap

With ldap, I might have missed some parameters, anyway known users 
cannot connect.

Imap doesn't offer many settings, but doesn't work either.

PAM, however works like this: Known users can connect and need to fill 
in compulsary fields, esp. sur/name. Now I wonder if I cannot make PAM 
to pre-fill these fields (given name), because this is what Moodle 
displays as user name (it seems to be its philosophy to hide away login 
names, so only admins will know who is _really_ behind user "Jimi 

Also, the use of roles and classes would make things perfect. Any hints 
for this? If I'd manage to use the LDAP module, it should be quite easy 
to extract the needed fields.

This is more or less what I need to know:

Thanks for now,

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