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Re: Draft live CD (actually DVD) for Debian Edu available

[Andreas Schockenhoff]
> I think a DVD for showing the Debian Edu Desktop and for promoting
> is OK To shrink this on a CD, I think it is not possible because we
> lost to mutch and have a lot of work.

Yeah, I guess you are right.  As the current standalone DVD live image
is behaving very well, I decided to announce it to the world to see if
we can get some feedback.  The desktop provided now is not quite the
one provided by the Standalone profile.  I activated the studends KDE
profile to get some application icons on the desktop.  Hopefully it
will give us some feedback on the applications listed there.

> CDs who focus on special application would be fine like a CD with
> programms for Kindergarten ... examination... Also to show or run
> new software or updates of software like openoffice 3.0. Also a live
> CD you can the students for home work.....

Yeah, but I suspect it is better to leave such special CDs to other

> Also I think it is helpful that user can authorise themself on a
> schoolcomputer (MAC-ID) against LDAP to connect to there home
> directory.  But a standalone mode is a must.

Yes, perhaps two more images, one workstation and one
main-server+thin-client-server profile, make sense.  The latter could
come with the diskless workstation setup enabled.

> Also running live CDs with network boot is possible. LowFatClient
> also fast ones with much RAM.(Option:toram) :-)

Not sure if this make sense, as we already provide it using PXE
booting from a thin-client-server.

> But a good live CDs is much extra work I think.

Yes.  Especially since we have to figure out which packages to drop.
On the other hand, I suspect we can save quite a lot of space by
dropping translations.  Not sure we want that, thougth. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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