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Re: Draft live CD (actually DVD) for Debian Edu available

[Ralf Gesellensetter]
>> Perhaps.  I'm not sure if it make sense, nor if it is possible to fit
>> a representative main-server + ltsp-server on a live CD.  Perhaps we
> It has been done: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/SkoleLiveCd/Download

Yeah, I know about this CD, and am very interested to get the list of
packages installed.  But I guess a lot of the recently added user
applications are missing from it, as it obviously fit on a CD.  I
guess we should also peek at the package list on the Snøfrix CD, which
is a spinoff live CD with desktop focus from the Skolelinux project.

> Misunderstanding: My point was to get a workstation CD that connects
> to existing main servers. Maybe this seems pointless where LowFat is
> in place.

I understood that, and it might be interesting to try to make such
live CD.  Exactly what kind of live CD we want is still out in the
blue.  I welcome comments and suggestions.

Is live DVDs accepted, for example, or should we strive to create 650
MiB images?  Is it enough to have concept live CDs without
translations (and drop all translations to save space), or should we
create language specific live images?  These and other questions need
to be answered.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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