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Re: Draft live CD (actually DVD) for Debian Edu available

[Ralf Gesellensetter]
> thank you for this good & surprising news! While the German LiveCD
> focusses on the server features (boot your Skolelinux network), this
> CD (any dubbin name/codename for it?) seems to be the first way to
> get an impression of the Etch Desktop.

Yeah.  This first draft is just to get the hang on building live CDs.
I'm not sure what kind of profile make most sense for a live CD, so it
can be taken as the first draft. :)

> As this version is based on "standalone", there is no point to ask
> if it is possible to login to existing tjeners using that live
> cd. BUt maybe this is in your agenda?

Perhaps.  I'm not sure if it make sense, nor if it is possible to fit
a representative main-server + ltsp-server on a live CD.  Perhaps we
should just accept that it have to be a DVD? :)

> In general, it would be interesting to learn about the build process
> involved. Are you using "debian-live" or any home-brewn scripts?

I'm using live-helper, and the build script is in svn,

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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